Antonella's New (-ish!) Role

Antonella Profile Pic.jpg

Antonella Giordano became EIHR’s Director of Human Rights Research as of February 8, 2019. She’s been with EIHR since March of 2017, assisting with research and social media content all the while. Staff at EIHR appreciate her rapid response and team spirit, and we’re glad to have her in this new (-ish!) role as an organizational leader!

In case you haven’t seen her bio, it’s impressive, and she brings her knowledge and experience with Human Rights in South America to all of us as well:

Antonella Giordano is a Licentiate in International Relations and Master's in Peace Culture, Conflicts, Education and Human Rights. She is a passionate specialist on human rights from Argentina. Antonella works on human rights at the national, regional and international level, as well as in Foreign Policy and International Law. Antonella works on Institutional Development at the Center for Legal and Social Studies (CELS), she's a current member of the Observatory of Argentinean Foreign Policy, and the International Network of Human Rights. She has been a professor of International Relations Theories, International Security and International Politics at Catholic University of Cordoba in Argentina.

Thanks so much, Antonella! We’re glad to have you aboard!