Partner Teacher Highlight: Arcade Uwizeyimana (from original site)

The Power Of Your Donation: Meet One Of Our Rwandan Partner-Teachers, Arcade Uwizeyimana 

Arcade at our 2011 Conference

Arcade Uwizeyimana is a secondary teacher in Rwanda's eastern province who we first met in July 2011 at the EIHR's first conference. Soon after, he joined five other teachers from the workshop to create the Rwandan Genocide Teachers Association, a network of teachers committed to genocide education. We met again in July 2012 for a meeting with the RGTA leadership for an in-depth look at Holocaust history and education.  Arcade's been teaching about genocide prevention for two years now, and in September 2012 initiated and planned a conference about genocide studies at his school in which 100 students and teachers attended.

EIHR: What were the objectives of the conference?

Arcade: Seeing that the majority of our students were born just after the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi, many do not know the causes of this genocide and do not know why it is called so. So in our conference we covered the 1994 genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda, as well as other genocides that have happened in the world, especially the Holocaust. 

EIHR: How did the students and teachers respond to the conference? 

Arcade: They really appreciated it and asked how I got informed about genocide prevention, how they can have access to books and films about other genocides, and how they can visit different memorial sites in Rwanda.

EIHR: How did the materials from the EIHR help you?  

Arcade: A great deal. In my presentation I used many things that I received at the EIHR Conference, including pictures from CDs I received, testimonies from the book of Carl Wilkens, as well as the books I was given on the Holocaust.

EIHR: What was the best thing about the conference you organized?

Arcade: The attention of the participants. They were thirsty for knowledge!

EIHR: What plans do you and other teachers have for the future? 

Arcade: With the help of other History teachers and our school headmaster, we are planning to have other conferences by the next academic year where we will invite some neighboring schools. I am excited and am looking forward to the future.