Conference Liaisons in Rwanda (from the original site)

From The Kigali Memorial Centre:

Freddy Mutanguha is a survivor of the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi and is currently  the director of the Kigali Genocide Memorial Center (KMC) in Rwanda.  A coordinating member of Aegis Trust, he was one of the people in charge of coordinating countrywide events for the  15th commemoration ceremony of the genocide in 2009. Havingtaken both President George W. Bush and Chelsea Clinton on tours of the memorial center, he is a continual symbol of hope for survivors across Rwanda. "I want to help other survivors as we join together to fight against the consequences of the genocide. I dream of a developed Rwanda and Iā€™m determined to fight all genocidal ideologies.  I want to see us build our nation. We can only do that if we consider the younger generations.". To learn more about Freddy and his commitment to make the world a better place, click here.

Sam Boarer is a graduate of the University of Derby with a degree in Electrical Engineering  and is now the International Co-ordinator for Aegis Students, an international student movement working to end genocide. As a teenager Sam spent his weekends volunteering at The Holocaust Centre in Laxton, Nottinghamshire, which had a profound impact on him. Listening to the testimony of Holocaust Survivors and then later undertaking a gap year with Aegis Trust, what struck him most was the connection between the Holocaust and the need for taking action against genocide today.  "I know that my own family helped hide Jewish people trying to escape from the Nazis during the Second World War. My hope today is that we might raise people's awareness of genocide that has taken place in other countries."