The Educators’ Institute for Human Rights

2012 Conference Agenda

July 29th - 31st

Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre, Rwanda

Sunday, July 29th

5:00 pm     Check in at hostel, dinner, reception


Monday, July 30th

8:00 am     Bus leaves hostile for Kigali Genocide Memorial

8:30 am     Welcome to the KGM     Sam Boarer, EIHR

9:00 am     Why are we here?     Mark Gudgel, EIHR

9:15 am     Participant Presentations about their Schools     RGTA

10:00 am    Break 

10:30 am    The World Must Know; The History of the Holocaust     Mark Gudgel, EIHR

12:30 pm    Lunch at KGM Cafeteria 

1:30 pm     Two lesson plans & Night by Elie Wiesel (timeline, pre-war Jewish life)    Mark Gudgel, EIHR

2:30 pm     Break 

3:00 pm     New Laptops Contracts and Expectations     Jackie Lewis, EIHR

4:00 pm     Break 

4:30 pm     Organizational meeting of the RGTA (Officers, duties, direction, and social media)

6:30 pm     Bus leaves for Heaven Restaurant 

7:00 pm     Dinner at Heaven and Keynote Speaker     Carl Wilkens, World Outside My Shoes

8:30 pm     Bus back to hostel


Tuesday, July 31st

8:00 am     Bus leaves hostel for Kigali Genocide Memorial 

8:30 am     Laptop Training     Tharcisse

10:30 am    Break 

11:00 am    “Human Rights Praxis; Rwanda after the 1994 Genocide”     Aimable Twagilimana, English Professor, SUNY College at Buffalo

11:00 am    Brainstorming Session for 2013 Presentations (vision for 2013, topics, RGTA recruiting/operations/presentations, special Announcement from Louise Lawrence-Israels, set dates)

12:30 pm    Lunch 

1:30 pm     Brainstorming Session for 2013 Presentations (continued)

3:00 pm     Break 

3:30 pm     Reminders for the next year, stipends, etc.     Mark Gudgel, EIHR

4:00 pm     Concluding remarks